Yoga Therapy, Natural Living & Naturopathy

Diploma in Yoga Therapy, Natural Living & Naturopathy


Yoga Therapy: Yoga Therapy is the ancient science of Yoga that focuses on health and wellness at all levels of the person, physical, psychological and spiritual. Yoga Therapy focuses on Pancha Koshas (Five Sheaths) and Sapta Chakra (Seven Energy Centres). Various practices are recommended to have clean & Healthy sheaths & energy centres. The yoga therapist serves as a guide or mentor in the journey of healing and self-discovery. Rather than offering a diagnosis and treatment, the yoga therapist creates a safe learning environment where the student can learn his/her own innate healing resources. By using the five koshas as a starting point, Yoga Therapy addresses every level of the person individually and as an integrated whole. We begin with an understanding of the five koshas as a model for our work.

Natural Living: Technology has ruined our physical activities, relaxation & sleep. We need to learn to slow down, to live every moment, to enjoy singing and dancing. In short, learn “The Art of Happy Living”. Human beings are integral part of Nature. Natural Living helps us to live life close to the nature in a healthy, natural and empowered way. Things around us have impact on body, mind and soul. By using natural personal care items, medicines, household cleaning products, and organic foods we can improve our health and our family’s health significantly over the long term. Health is Happiness. Attain it, by following the rules of NATURE – Aahar (diet), Vihar (Activities) & Nidra (Relaxation).

Nature Cure / Naturopathy: Health & Welfare Dept. of Govt. of India is advocating and promoting Nature Cure / Naturopathy. This is very old therapy, uses basic five elements – Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth for treatment and also Yoga for preventing ailments. Both Ayurveda and Siddha Medical Systems work on these five basic elements and Yoga. Ayurveda treats to balance tridosha: Ether & Air combine to create Vata Dosha, Fire & Water combine to create Pitta Dosha and Water & Earth combine to create Kapha Dosha. Naturopathy balances five elements and remove the accumulated toxins from the body.