At present education has become a three-polar system. The teacher, the student and the atmosphere are the three important factors in education. The entire education system rests on these three pillars. Each of them is equally essential and important.

In the olden days, pupils used to stay with the Guru (teacher) for twelve years for learning the subjects essential for their livlihood and mastering the art of living. That educational system was called the ‘Gurukul System of Learning.’ There were no books, educational aids and schools for imparting education. The Guru (teacher) was the main factor of education. That is why he was called an ‘Acharya’ (AmMm`©). The ideal students had complete faith in the words of their Gurus. They used to be even ready to die for carrying out the orders of their Gurus. The Gurus used to test their pupils by asking them to solve difficult problems. This was a test for their faith in their Gurus and devotion towards them too. Once there was a famous Gurukul on the bank of Godavari river. On the concluding day of one batch of students, the Guruji advised the pupils of the batch some important things of life, such as faith in the elderly people, devotion to the parents and the Guru, the spirit of creativity, readiness to do maximum efforts to solve the problems to make one’s life successful and worthwhile. “Now, to test your ability, I want to give each one of you a task to complete,” said the Guru, and continued, “there are some cane buckets. Yoga Varta : May 2015 14 `moJdmVm© Take them, one each, and go to the river Godavari, fill the bucket with water and bring the bucketful of water to the Ashram (hermitage).” All the disciples went to the river with the cane buckets in their hands. They tried to fill water in the buckets but were unsuccessful, as the buckets were made of cane and there were gaps in them. The water percolated through the gaps. The disciples tried and tried again but all was in vain. Some pupils were tired and dropped the idea of filling the buckets with water. They told the Guru their inability to solve the problem and dropped out. However, one pupil did not come back with them. He came to the ashram in the evening with the bucketful of water. Guruji congratulated him and asked him how he succeded in filling the bucket. He answered, “I kept the bucket in the water for the whole day. The wet cane swelled more and more and the gaps vanished. Then I put the lotus leaves at the bottom of the bucket, filled the bucket with water and brought it to you. I am very sorry to bring the bucketful of water in the evening because I had to wait for the full day for filling the gaps.” Guruji patted the pupil and blessed him.

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