Yoga Vidya Niketan (YVN) founded by Padma Shri Yogacharya Sadashiv Nimbalkar first designed the Graded Course, in four parts, viz., Preliminary, Intermediate, pre-Standard and standard, these courses have been recognized by Govt. of Maharashtra, which YVN introduces in ‘Summer Course’, the most prestigious activity of Yoga Vidya Niketan since 1974.

Govt. of Maharashtra has also recognized Yoga Vidya Niketan as an Institute to promote Yoga and impart training through education and research. Thus YVN started the One Year Diploma Course, “Diploma in Yogic Education”.

This course is comprised of theory and practical applications. Theory includes four subjects: Anatomy & Physiology, Education Psychology, Yogic Science (Yoga Philosophy) and Yoga Applications with Practices (Hatha Yoga practices Kriya, Mudra, Bandha, Asana & Pranayama, following the principles of Maharishi Patanjali). Besides the curriculum includes Educational Excursion, Annual Thematic Exhibition, Lesson planing and teaching and Internship to teach common masses by holding Yoga class for one month daily for one and half an hour.


Diploma in Yogic Education (Teacher Training Course)

One year diploma course, “Diploma in Yogic Education” commences in the month of July every year. This course is Teachers Training Course (TTC) on completions a person will be qualified Yoga Teacher to himself / herself, then to the family and finally people at large. The qualified teacher undergo a systematic & disciplined teaching of all aspects of human body, psychology and A – Z about the Yoga Philosophy and practical application. Main activities of this course is Excursion, Annual Exhibition, Kriya Sessions, Different Workshops and Summer Camp.

The qualified Yoga Teachers of YVN are employed in the Yoga Teaching in Yoga Institutions, Health Centres, Hospitals, etc.